An estimate by the National Institute of Justice puts employers’ payout for sexual harassment and other crimes, such as assault, rape, violence, and murder at $5 billion a year, according to Workplaces Respond to Domestic and Sexual Violence. This is a huge amount and significantly affects employers and employees.

Many sexual harassment attorneys reckon the cases of sexual harassment are on the rise not become there are more harassers in the workplace, but women are more conducive nowadays to reporting it. Well, and because up until about 30 years ago, men and woman never worked together in the history of the world.

The American Crystal Sugar case

A woman in Grand Forks filed a sexual harassment complaint against her employer, American Crystal Sugar Co., after claims of being harassed by two employees in 2014. The woman filed two complaints against the company and another two against Express Employment Professionals with the North Dakota Department of Labor and Human Resources, reports an Inforum news article

The victim, Celeste Long Elk, according to sexual harassment lawyers, is seeking monetary compensation, employee training to sensitize male employees on issues related to discrimination and implementation of zero tolerance policy in the company.


The allegations

Ms. Elk claims she was sexually harassed by two of her male colleagues at two different piling locations. When she lodged a complaint about the incidences, she was fired by the company. The incidences have supposed to have taken place in September and October 2014.

Presently, the Department of Labor is investigating Ms. Elk’s complaint. It must be noted both American Crystal Sugar Co. and Express Employment Professionals have not yet responded to the complaints filed by Ms. Elk. No worries for her, if she wants to locate a sterling sexual harassment attorney she can at any time by using this supreme website:

In one of her complaints, Ms. Elk claims in September 2014, the foreman kissed her and asked her to have sex with him. Ms. Elk did not acquiesce to this demand and from then she started avoiding the foreman. However, he started getting angry with her for no given reason. Thereafter, Ms. Elk was transferred to another location and here too the foreman began abusing her verbally. Things came to a head when she was inappropriately touched by another foreman at the Argyle, Minnesota location of the American Crystal.

Even though she lodged a complaint with the relevant company authorities, no action was taken. She asked for a transfer and the company agreed before firing her in October 2014.

Other witnesses

A sexual harassment lawyer close to the case has claimed there is evidence to show Ms. Elk is speaking the truth, as she reported the assault right after it occurred. Also, there is a female witness in Argyle, who has similar claims as Ms. Elk. This unnamed witness claims the same foreman touched her inappropriately, as well.

While sexual harassment lawyers associated with the case hope the matter between Ms. Elk and American Crystal and Express Employment Professionals will get resolved with the intervention of the Department of Labor, they have kept their options open. If no amicable resolution is reached, the lawyers are determined to take the case to district court.

Even though the US constitution ensures equality, there is no specific mention of discrimination. Of course, the federal government has made sexual harassment a form of discrimination and employers are liable for any harassment occurring at the workplace. So, if you are a victim of sexual harassment, report the incident immediately at your workplace and then consult an experienced and qualified sexual harassment lawyer, who will guide you forward.