A former flute professor at the University of Cincinnati has been engaging in acts of sexual misconduct and it appears he wasn’t exactly concerned with being caught. For over two decades, Bradley Garner has displayed some rather inappropriate behavior while working for various schools and students and even staff are finally speaking up about it. According to cincinatti.com, the University of Cincinnati began investigating complaints against the professor in October 2016 and found evidence of “unwanted sexual advances and verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.” After further investigation, it was reported that allegations date back all the way to the late 1990’s.

There were various accounts shared by students who witnessed Garner engage in inappropriate behavior and others who were on the receiving side of the harassment. One graduate student said that if she was ever one-on-one with him, he would try to kiss her and that he would make all the girls in the studio feel “uncomfortable and sexualized.” Unfortunately, many students feared Garner and how he would retaliate if they were to file a complaint against him. In fact, some students who did report the sexual misconduct asked to be left unidentified for fear of retaliation.

The university had planned to fire the flutist but he beat them to the punch and quietly retired.

Like most sexual harassers, Garner denied these allegations and blasted the university for engaging in an investigation that turned into a “witch hunt.” However, while he may think he is going to get away with his unethical behavior, some of the evidence that has surfaced indicates otherwise. Below we outline a few of the inappropriate behaviors that have been confirmed which only implies Garner was, in fact, guilty of sexual harassment and possibly even other offenses.

  • A student told investigators that during a breathing demonstration, Garner told her, “I want you to breathe so low that the bottom of your pants pops open. I promise I won’t look…but maybe I will.”
  • Another student mentioned that Garner smacked her on the butt when she bent over to pick up her flute. He then asked her to “bend over again.”
  • Professor Randy Bowman told investigators that he had seen two tapes that showed Garner set up a hidden camera and secretly film himself having sexual relations with students.
  • Many students admitted they had heard and saw sexually explicit texts Garner had sent to students, including photos of his genitals.

Although Garner is still walking around with his head held high and is currently on the faculty at Julliard Pre-College in New York, things may be heading south once the investigation concludes and all the complaints filed against him are proven to be true.

Don’t let intimidation and fear keep you from speaking out about a recent account with sexual harassment.

Many of the students who were victimized or witnessed these acts were fearful of what would happen which is why Garner likely continued on with this behavior. But, in order to bring down a perpetrator, they must be stopped and their behavior must be recognized. So, anyone who is a victim of sexual harassment should speak with an Ohio sexual misconduct attorney to determine how they want to go about addressing the issue. The more the issue is left unaddressed, the worse things could get.