San Diego, CA– It seems as though some politicians just can’t control their sexual impulses. All that power can go to a man’s head – the small one in this case — and they think they can text pictures of their wieners without getting caught like Anthony Weiner. Or, they repeatedly sexually harass their staffers never thinking their actions could come back to haunt them. However, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is learning that his actions are coming back to haunt him in a big way.

Late Monday, one of Filner’s accusers appearing with her powerful attorney Gloria Allred detailed the sexual harassment of Mayor Bob Filner saying he treated women like “sexual objects or stupid idiots,” NBC San Diego reported.

“The past six months turned out to be the worst time of my entire working life,” said Irene McCormack Jackson who was the communication director for Mayor Bob Filner before the harassment forced her to resign.

Jackson said Filner asked her to work without her panties, real classy there Mayor. She also alleges he said he wanted to see her naked and said he could wait to “consummate” their relationship even though they were just coworkers.

“He thought it was acceptable behavior to regularly make sexual comments that were crude and disgusting,” McCormack Jackson said, according to NBC San Diego.

McCormack Jackson also told NBC that Filner’s chief of staff Allen Jones resigned after a staff meeting in which the Mayor was told his behavior towards women was “terrible and possibly illegal.”

McCormack Jackson said that Filner just laughed off the matter.

And matters just got worse for Filner Tuesday when a former campaign manager came forward with her own allegations against him.

Lara Fink worked as Filner’s campaign manager back in 2005 when she learned what a pervert he could be. She told reporters that after a campaign fundraising event he slapped her on the ass.

When Fink was complimented by being told she “worker her ass off” for the event, Filner told her to turn around, according to CNN

“And as a staffer, I know it sounds silly to just do it, but you just do it.” Fink said, “And so I turned around and he proceeded to take his hand and pat me on my posterior and laugh and say, ‘No, it’s still there.’”

Even though these two women have now revealed their identities and detailed their allegations, Filner refuses to resign.  McCormack Jackson has even filed a formal lawsuit against Filner and all he has to say is he is “saddened” by the allegations.

“Once due process is allowed to unfold, I am certain there will be a better understanding of this situation,” Filner said in a press release Monday, adding, “I humbly ask that through this vicious storm of controversy, people take a moment and temper their rush to judgment.”

It’s unclear if any more women are going to come forward with allegations against Mayor Filner, but it is clear that he has disgraced his office and effectively ruined his career and won’t take responsibility for behavior.  Shame on you Mayor Filner.