York County District Judge Jeffrey Scott Joy finds himself charged with sexual harassment once again. The latest complaint follows a similar harassment and assault charge filed by the state attorney general’s office last week, as reported by pennlive.com. The 50 year old judge faces multiple charges that include two felony counts of bribery and misdemeanor counts of harassment and official oppression, as revealed by Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s office.

Disturbing behavior

According to the attorney general’s office, the New Freedom judge had in December last year allegedly offered to expunge a woman’s criminal record in return for a favor, which was apparently to model lingerie for him. The woman concerned filed a complaint with the state police. She claims that after she appeared in the judge’s courtroom during her case, he started stopping by her home without invitation on several occasions. On one of these visits he offered to expunge her record and also void any fines.

The previous week, Judge Joy landed in trouble after he allegedly sexually assaulted another woman who had also appeared in his courtroom. She claims he had stopped at her apartment and assaulted her, and groped her backside and breast and forcefully licked her breasts. All in a fortnight. Not a deal judge.

Incidentally, he has been relieved of office pending notice. As investigations continue, the police as well as the attorney general’s office are of the opinion that the judge could have committed other similar crimes and have requested anyone who has appeared in his courtroom and faced such circumstances to report the matter to the state police York barracks. In all probability he will soon learn what it is like to be on the other side in the courtroom.

Former nurse files sexual harassment lawsuit against Memorial Hospital

Meanwhile, chattanoogan.com reports that a Memorial Hospital nurse has filed a lawsuit against the hospital and seeks $250,000 in damages. The lawsuit filed by a sexual harassment attorney on behalf of the victim names nurse practitioner Bryan McKinley as the defendant. The woman alleges that she was constantly subjected to sexual harassment since she began working under the supervision of McKinley in September 2013. The plaintiff joined Memorial Hospital in August 2010.


Multiple instances of sexual harassment

According to the lawsuit, the defendant passed inappropriate sexual innuendos, and used his stethoscope to hit her on her buttocks. He also allegedly commented on the size of her breasts and often assumed a position where his midriff was near her face. Although the plaintiff made it clear that she did not like his behavior McKinley continued to harass her and other female coworkers and patients as well.

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At a birthday party that both happened to attend, the plaintiff claims he all of a sudden squeezed her breasts. According to her sexual harassment attorney, the nurse practitioner retaliated against her she requested for a change in shift, and verbally abused her. He also went as far as to lodge a complaint against her along with another co-worker. When the nurse met her supervisors in January 2015 regarding other complaints, she was made aware of McKinley’s complaint.

In the lawsuit, the woman alleges that she was demoted as a result of the complaints and was told by her supervisors that it was in response to the complaints. When the plaintiff attempted to change her schedule in order to have minimal contact with the defendant, she was told that her hours would be reduced to part time status and she would also have to incur a cut in her hourly rate.


Following another letter to the human resources she was informed that she was being terminated for violating the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act. The plaintiff denies having violated the Act and argued that she was discriminated against because she opposed the constant sexual harassment by the defendant.