The media has been discussing sexual misconduct and the various cases that have arisen, naming high-profile actors, businessmen, and politicians for engaging in unlawful acts. While we spend a great deal of time highlighting who these people are and the potential backstory to how the allegation came about, we also need to focus on how this all affects the victims. Knowing this can only help to shed more light on the matter and reveal the detrimental effects it can have on a person’s life. With that said, below we are highlighting some details from a story shared by one woman who was harassed and how her life has been impacted by the incident.

Michelle Beale, 45, worked for Sweetwater Union High School District for 18 years as a school counselor. In spring 2017, she was harassed numerous times by Brian Borg, who was the former district of risk management at the same location where she was employed. Ironically, part of his job was to train employees in preventing sexual harassment. However, while he could preach what employees needed to do, he wasn’t practicing it himself. Borg was accused of sending Beale vulgar and even threatening texts and would engage in conversations that were sexually explicit and of a harassing nature. Eventually, after a complaint was filed, he was fired.

The truth is, Beale had to develop a lot of courage to come forward. She feared she would be “slut-shamed” or fired as Borg held a higher up position, a position of power in the company. And as you know, many of the cases we hear about all begin with someone who takes advantage of their role and uses their “power” in unforgivable ways. Unfortunately, Beale did have to endure a lot of criticism as she was moved to another school with extremely high-risk kids, “she endured relentless gossip,” and also felt “re-victimized by a law enforcement officer who didn’t take her complaints seriously and mansplained how she should have handled the situation” [Source: San Diego Tribune].

Although Beale made the right choice in coming forward, she still struggles with the mental anguish and works to get through each day without shedding too many tears.

If you would like to read the story of the two other women who have come forward, you can visit the San Diego Tribune site to do so. Every victim has their own story to share and it is important we listen to these stories as they can help us develop a better understanding of why sexual harassment needs to be prevented and encourage more individuals to avoid any behavior that comes even close to being described as harassment.

Combating Sexual Harassment

As society works to combat this problem, more and more cases of sexual misconduct continue to develop. And like Beale, anyone who has been faced with this issue and isn’t sure where to turn to, remember, there are sexual harassment lawyers in San Diego who are available to help you. While you might be afraid just like Beale was, she was told by Gretchen Carlson, another sexual harassment victim, that if she didn’t come forward, the behavior might never stop. And she was right.

So, if you believe you have been the victim of any form of sexual misconduct, we can help you locate a nearby sexual harassment attorney in San Diego now.